Where it all began:

Hello! I'm Jordan Eagle.  We may have met at an audition, or in class, or maybe your friend referred you here.  Either way, I'm glad you  stopped by to learn more about J.eaglephotography.  It all started at an audition- doesn't it always? My friend told me about a photography company that specifically hired dancers and trained them to shoot dance competitions. I was sick of waiting tables, so I gave it a try and within months I had fallen in love with taking photos of the very thing I was passionate about. This side job lasted for 3 years, spanned two different freelance companies, and covered competitions such as LA Dance Magic, The Pulse, Star Systems, Act 1 and more. 

While I loved shooting competitions, the constant travel during audition season left me with a desire to start working with the gorgeous dancers I knew back in NYC. Besides, if I did private shoots, I could work with dancers in a more in depth way, helping them with those tiny details that sometimes get forgotten or missed during the adrenalin of performances.  And that's precisely what I have done. 

What I do now:

J.ealgephotography exists to provide quality photos for people who live their lives in motion. As a professional dancer myself, I understand the timing required to snag that perfect shot; but I also have the technical eye of your toughest ballet mistress and sassiest jazz teacher. It is my mission as your photographer to provide you with shots that not only look stunning, but represent the best version of what you do. Our shoot will consist of laughter, costume changes, and reminders to keep your shoulders down! So, if you're looking for dance shots, why not have them done by a dancer? I'm Jordan Eagle, and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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